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These workouts help raise your heart rate into your target heart rate zone where you burn the most fat and calories making it easier to lose weight. Personal Trainers and General Trainers are available plan and assist your Cardio workouts.

Functional Training

Prepare for daily activities with a workout that includes bending, twisting, lifting, and squatting. These movements strengthen and improve flexibility in key areas like knees, hips, spine, elbows, wrists, and shoulders, getting you ready for anything.

Strength Training

Our workouts use resistance to strengthen muscles. Beginners can start with bodyweight exercises, progressing to equipment. Our trainers ensure a balanced routine, focusing on form and avoiding overexertion.

Weight Management

At Lotus, We offers personalized weight management services focusing on sustainable lifestyle changes through meal planning, nutrient tracking, and tailored exercise plans with certified trainers. Achieve your weight goals safely and effectively with us.

Group classes Services


Yoga practice involves physical poses, concentration, and deep breathing. Yoga is a great workout for everyone irrespective of age or fitness levels. Regular Yoga practice helps to calm the mind and strengthen the body.


Zumba offers a fun, high-energy, interval workout that involves cardio and choreographed dance movements. These group classes move between high and low intensity dance moves designed to increase heart rate, boost cardio health, coordination, agility, and balance.

Mobility and Stretches

These workout sessions are designed to help you improve body flexibility and strength. This in turn helps to improve your performance in day to day physical activities, workouts or play, and decrease your risk of injuries.

Core Conditioning

Core strength and conditioning classes help strengthen your core muscles - abdominal muscles, back muscles and muscles around the pelvis. This helps improve your balance and stability, thereby making it easier to do many physical activities and more effective workouts.

Functional Training

Elevate your fitness with our functional training group sessions. Tailored for all ages and fitness levels, our workouts focus on functional movements to enhance performance and overall health. Burn calories, build strength, and improve your fitness with us.

Step High Low

A fun group cardio class that works for overall fitness by building strength, reducing fat, and has all the benefits of a high-intensity cardio workout without stressing the joints health. It burns calories making it an ideal way to achieve or maintain your weight goals.


Aerobic group exercise is great cardio workout to get your heart pumping, improve lung function, increase circulation and to help you achieve your weight goals by burning calories.


These are full body workouts done using body weight and gravity as resistance. These workouts help you build strength, lose fat, improve endurance or flexibility. It is a dynamic workout to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.

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